HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training


FAST is our Fun Aerobic and Strength Training program.

It is our answer to a HIIT style workout (high intensity interval training). The instructor delivers a variety of aerobic and strength moves using various principles of training with short rest intervals to provide the fastest strength and aerobic improvements possible.

Features and benefits:

  • improves aerobic fitness and strength
  • short rest intervals means students gain fastest strength and aerobic improvements possible
  • gives students a solid understanding of various current training principles

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We love HIIT, as we incorporate so many different training methods and principles. 

We will deliver high intensity, music driven methods of training including tabata, superstes, drop sets and more! 

Check out onw of our recent #squat challenges below. 

"Thanks again for helping us out last week and will certainly look to tee something up again next year when the Sports Science students again do their fitness and conditioning unit of work."  — Matt Down, Health and Physical Education Learning Area Leader, Pulteney Grammar School