FIT Club


FIT clubs were developed through schools' needs for an alternative to nominated sports. Many schools offer sport as extra curricular, which is fantasic! Sometimes, students wish to be active and participate in a group/team event, but do not wish to nominate for a particular sport offered. 

This is where we come in. Offering a weeking group fitness club, where stduents nominate to partiicpate term by term to work on their fitness in a fun, non competitive group environment. Of course, they are also welcome to join in addition to their other sports.

Features and benefits:

  • alternative / addition to team sport straining
  • fun, non-competitive group environemnt
  • exsposes students to a wide variety of group training options 
  • improves overal fitness and strength 
  • builds interpersonal skills and confidence in movement skills

"Sara and the team from MissFit movement have delivered engaging, fun and diverse lunchtime fitness programs to our middle school students at St Aloysius College throughout 2021-2024. Sara’s broad knowledge of the fitness industry and her experience working in schools has allowed for her to connect with our girls and structure programs to their needs and interests. Not only has Sara been highly professional to deal with, she is flexible with program dates and maintains frequent communication regarding student progress. I would highly recommend Missfit Movement to other schools considering lunchtime fitness programs." - Meg Henderson St Aloysius College