Our programs can be delivered to fit with your school, whether it be a 3 week unit to fit with H&PE, a once off session for your Sports Day, or a 10 week wellbeing program.

We can also offer individualised sessions for your specialist sports program, before/after school programs as part of your school Sport program, or as an additional wellbeing program open to students and teachers/parents alike.

Sporting Schools Funding

MissFIT Movement is a registered Coaching Provider through Sporting Schools. We have completed intermediate level training with Gymnastics SA, our State Sport Organisation (SSO). Meaning our organisation is able to be used to deliver programs through Sporting Schools!

For more information on the funding, contact us. Or to register or apply, click here.

Active After School programs

After an Active After School program? Great news, families can also use their $100 Sports Voucher! Meaning the term program will be FREE.

We run these programs in an after school seeting over the course of a term. We find it works well to complement the other offered sports like basketball or soccer. Parents have the ease of leaving their children at school for the duration of the program, and arriving for pick up!

We love working on unique choreography each term with the children, and working towards their end of term performance. Studenst also receive a certificate, and in some cases, a medal.

 Download the voucher here



Check out our range of programs on offer for your school here.

Sports Days

If you're looking for a different option for your next sports day, read more here.


We can take between 1-4 classes at one time. Up to approximately 120 students for most programs, or up to 60 students at once for Mindful Movement. Our programs are for students in Reception - Year 12. (*FAST for grades 5-12)

Each program is adapted to be suitable to the age and ability level of the students.


Our programs are priced from $2-$5 / student / session. The price can vary depending on the size of the session. Contact us to get an accurate quote.

Receive a trial session for your school today

Simply click here to register your details and organise a trial session in the program of your choice. That way you can see exactly how our programs may benefit your school.

Australian Curriculum

Our programs fit with various content descriptors in the 'Movement and Physical Activity' strand of the H&PE curriculum. We address content descriptors in all three sub-strands across all year levels as well. Each program also helps develop focus areas such as Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) and Rhythmic and Expressive Movements (RE). For example, our programs align with:

Moving our body
  • Perform / practice and refine fundamental movement skills and movement sequences using different body parts ACPMP008
  • Practise specialised movement skills and apply them in a variety of movement sequences and situations ACPMP061
  • Use feedback to improve body control and coordination when performing specialised movement skills in a variety of situations ACPMP080
  • Provide and apply feedback to develop and refine specialised movement skills in a range of challenging movement situations ACPMP099
Understanding movement
  • Explore how regular physical activity keeps individuals healthy and well ACPMP010
  • Examine the benefits of physical activity to health and wellbeing ACPMP046
  • Participate in physical activities designed to enhance fitness, and discuss the impact regular participation can have on health and wellbeing ACPMP064
  • Manipulate and modify elements of effort, space, time, objects and people to perform movement sequences ACPMP065
  • Analyse the impact of effort, space, time, objects and people when composing and performing movement sequences ACPMP103
Learning through movement
  • Cooperate with others when participating in physical activities ACPMP012


  • Your daily fitness sessions solved
  • Programs address ACARA outcomes
  • Links to Positive Education and Wellbeing principles
  • Have a breather while someone else takes your class
  • Instructors can take up to 4 classes at once
  • We can deliver your next Sports Day health hustle
  • Sporting Schools affilated

Positive Education

Our programs link with Positive Education, which is grounded in the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives (Positive Psychology Centre, 2016). MissFIT Movement links with aspects of Pos Ed such as:

Positive accomplishment

  • When students notice physical improvements in their skill and ability, they experience feelings of achievement and satisfaction
  • This also builds resilience


Positive relationships and emotions

  • The group dynamic and music foster an atmosphere of teamwork and fun
  • Students feel connected to others in the group atmosphere 


Positive engagement

  • During the movement sessions, students concentrate on their own mind/body allowing them to reach a state of 'flow' - complete immersion in an activity


Positive health

  • Dopamine is a neurotransmitter released during pleasurable experiences, including exercise.
  • Serotonin is another hormone which enhances mood. Exercise can increase serotonin.


  • When students are in 'flow' they're mindful and their minds are not full. Thus, they feel more relaxed, less stressed, and therefore wellbeing is increased.


Current & Previous Schools

We have had success with many schools around Adelaide including:

  • St Peter’s College
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary
  • Rosary School
  • Thomas More College
  • Prescott College
  • Mercedes College
  • St Peter’s Lutheran School
  • Kildare College
  • St Ignatius’ College Senior
  • Elizabeth Grove Primary
  • St Joseph’s Hectorville
  • East Adelaide School
  • Madison Park Primary School
  • The Pines School
  • St Bernadette’s
  • Marymount College
  • OLSH College
  • Sacred Heart College Middle School
  • Goodwood Primary School
  • St Augustine’s Parish School
  • Trinity College Gawler River
  • Mark Oliphant College
  • St Peter’s Woodlands
  • Westport Primary
  • Trinity College Blakeview
  • Our Lady Queen of Peace
  • St Monica’s
  • St Dominic’s Priory
  • Charles Campbell
  • Our Lady of Hope
  • Westminster
  • Salisbury Heights Primary School
  • Trinity College Blakeview
  • Playford International
  • King’s Baptist Grammar School
  • St Peter’s Girls’
  • Greenwith Primary School
  • Portside Christian College

We are also offering school holiday programs at various destinations around Adelaide. Enquire now to find out when we are holding sessions at a centre near you.

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