Mindful Movement is our yoga-based program.

It includes an age appropriate warm up, followed by a series of yoga flow poses incorporating strength, flexibility and balance. The movements are set to current popular music and led by a teacher.

Features and benefits:

  • increases strength, flexibility and balance
  • movements are progressive, age appropriate and easy to follow
  • enhances relaxation and mindfulness
  • improves wellbeing
  • links with Positive Education flourish model

Activ8 is our aerobics based program.

This Fun Indoor Training program is set to popular music and incorporates aerobic moves to improve cardiovascular fitness. The energetic movements allow students to expel energy while enjoying the gross-muscular movements. Older students can also have strength components incorporated into their sessions.

Features and benefits:

  • fun way to enjoy fitness sessions with popular music
  • aerobic moves to improve cardiovascular fitness
  • great for your next Sports Day health hustle
  • energetic movements mean students expel energy
  • develops gross-muscular movements and coordination
  • adapted for older students to incorporate strength

FAST is our Fun Aerobic and Strength Training program. *Upper primary only*

It is our answer to a HIIT style workout (high intensity interval training). Think; CrossFIT for kids! The instructor delivers a variety of aerobic and strength moves using various principles of training with short rest intervals to provide the fastest strength and aerobic improvements possible.

Features and benefits:

  • improves aerobic fitness and strength
  • short rest intervals means students gain fastest strength and aerobic improvements possible
  • gives students a solid understanding of various current training principles



DanceFIT is our dance program.

It focuses on fun and fitness, with no ‘downtime’ learning choreography, the exercise session emphasises continual movement, where dances are built upon base movements. The choreography is layered to allow students to build more complex movements gradually, while also focussing on increasing cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility.

Features and benefits:

  • focuses on fun and fitness
  • little or no 'downtime' learning choreography
  • choreography is layered to allow students to build more complex movements gradually
  • improves fitness, strength, coordination and flexibility


We are affiliated with Gymnastics Australia, through Sporting Schools.

Did you know, there are many different kinds of gymnastics? Incuding: artistic (equipment), rhythmic (hand apparatus), aerobic, and acrobatic (tricks).

We are able to tailor a program to suit your requirements and have run all types in the past. Why not even try a mix of all?

Features and benefits:

  • develop fitness components inlcuding; flexibility, balance, coordination and strentgh
  • easy-to-learn, safe evvironment that's fun
  • adaptable for all ages
  • fundamental movement skills / dominant movement patterns including Spring & Landing, Locomotion, Statics, and Rotations. 

Dance Choreography block.

If you are running a dance unit, or needing a special performnace, we also choreograph unique routines, specilaiy tailored for your group.

We can deliver a block of sessions, building dance technqiue, while students learn their very own dance routine.

You can tailor everything, from the style, to the song. One of our most popular genres to use, is Hip Hop, but we love teaching and choreographing all types and styles of dance for young and old. 

Features and benefits:

  • fully persolalised, tailored routine
  • we work to your students' ability
  • full flexibilty of genre, style and song choice
  • you're able to use as an end of year performance, graduation dance, end of term performnace, the optins are endless. 

K'Zoom is our Zumba-style program.

This Latin flavoured program uses various well-known Latin dance styles like the salsa and the mambo, plus up-beat cardio moves kids will love. All moves are done to the newest pop music with Latin rhythms.  

Features and benefits:

  • fun way to get kids moving
  • easy-to-learn dance styles gradually built on
  • adaptable for all ages
  • dance without feeling like dance

Active After School program.

We run a variety a of programs for after school sport also. 

We've found that our dance offerings, often allow a wide variety of children to nominate and participate in a different type of program to what may normally be on offer after school.

What's more, our programs are entirely FREE, using the Sports Voucher each child in R-7 is entitled to each year.

Features and benefits:

  • different active after school offering
  • we work towards a unique group dance routine each term and perform at the end for schools/parents!
  • all year levels and abilities
  • option of Hip Hop, Aerobics, Dance, Yoga or Fun Fitness
  • we can handle all of the nomination sprocess too!
  • FREE 8-week after school program

Sports Days

We can run a rotation, station and / or a whole school health hustle for your next Sports Day. 

All we need is access to power supply and a small stage (drama blocks), if possible, and we will get the children moving!

Yoga, DanceFIT, Zumba Kids and Activ8 Aerobics all work well as a Sports Day rotation station!

We can even help officiate in our downtime if you need.

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Download the 2024 Sports Voucher


See the programs in action


We understand children often benefit from pre-learning, and a 'flipped classroom' model. Why not check us out on YouTube today and get the children moving?

Virtual pre-lessons like this are free, and add to our incursion as students feel more confident and familiar with the program and instructor. 



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"Thank you for the two yoga sessions. I am a big believer in the benefits of yoga at any age, for not only wellbeing but flexibility,  and core strength. The sessions were well presented and Casey kept the students focused. Good use of music and clear instructions were given and demonstrated for each pose. It was good that the instructor named the poses as did them as the language of yoga is pretty universal and we can build on it. Thanks for the experience". - Claudia Ferro, Teacher Wandana Primary School.

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